Our Services

We can supply buildings like:

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Fuel stations
  • Churches
  • School buildings
  • vehicle parking and convention centers.

We can handle other types of structures like:

  • bridges
  • towers
  • truss buildings
  • space framess
  • equipment platforms and water tanks.
  • Geodesic Domes

Structural Components

  • We can supply mezzanine (floor) structures. We will supply beams and steel decking sheet. Concrete can be poured directly on this decking sheet, without need of any scaffolding support. So, many floors can be concreted at one stretch, saving time. Also we can supply cement board flooring instead of concrete.
  • Staircases.
  • We can supply crane beams running along length of building for the crane to run. The frames will be checked for all loads from cranes.
  • Roof monitors and ridge ventilators for air circulation.
  • Fascias (facades) to conceal roof and fix advertisements.
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